About Us

About Us

The Boris Trajkovski International Foundation was created in the spring of 2004 to carry on the unfinished business and legacy of the late President of the Republic of Macedonia, Boris Trajkovski. The Foundation exists to carry out its Mission Statement and Goals and Objectives through a series of programs and activities. The Foundation is an implementing foundation. Homework help service: get professional help from PayForEssay.

The Foundation is governed by a board of directors and officers, with day-to-day activities being carried out by professional staff. The Foundation also has an Honorary Board of Advisors, consisting of individuals from Macedonia and around the world who reflect the views and values of President Trajkovski.

The Foundation maintains an office (secretariat) in Skopje, Macedonia, and staff to maintain the archives of the late President, write, develop, implement and oversee new projects that are within their capacity, respond to inquiries, and liaison with the Government, media, and other interested parties. The secretariat also produces materials for the Foundation, coordinates functions of the board of directors and honorary board of advisors and holds public events from time to time.

President Trajkovski was a unique individual who committed himself to far more than what his mandate as president required. He was truly a man of the people and lived his life committed to his native Macedonia, as well as to greater regional and international cooperation. A strong defender of a unitary Macedonia, President Trajkovski was an activist in everything he did, believing passionately that Macedonians of all ethnic and religious backgrounds could live and work together through a change in heart.

The Foundation works in Macedonia and is committed to bringing lasting positive change in the country, which will in turn create a more stable, secure and prosperous country, region and world.