Програма за стипендирање НОВА-Борис Трајковски 2015Започна пријавувањето за Програмата за стипендирање НОВА-Борис…

Posted by NOVA International Schools on Monday, February 23, 2015


10th International Youth Leadership Forum

The International Foundation Boris Trajkovski held its 10th International Youth Leadership Forum outline of persuasive speech on Power and Leadership on Saturday, February 28. Panelists at the event were the Executive Director of the Foundation, Robert Milchev, Norwegian politician and businessman Lars Ries, and politician and businessman Imer Selmani.

As the main leadership principles they listed behavior as a leader, leading by example, leading according to vision, not money, recognition of errors and constant upgrading. In addition, custom writing essays they emphasized the skills to determine common goals and motivate people to achieve them, and emphasized that leaders have followers, not subjects.

Then, with their own questions, young people developed productive discussions on how leaders are born or created, whether the leader should take responsibility for the team, whether it is a rule that power is subject to corruption and how young people can become successful leaders. The forum was closed with a positive conclusion that the most important features are equality, love and forgiveness.

European Council of Tolerance and Reconciliation

Honorary President and founder of the Boris Trajkovski International Foundation, Vilma Trajkovska, who is also a member of the board of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation, attended the award ceremony on March 9 European Medal of Tolerance held in London, Kensington Palace. This year, the award was given to former Chelsea soccer club striker Samuel Eto’o as a sign of his commitment to racism and intolerance.