Goals and Objectives

plagiarism checkeronline assignment writingThe Boris Trajkovski International Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit foundation dedicated to fostering and disseminating the vision and values of the late President of the Republic of Macedonia, Boris Trajkovski.

In its promotion of its four guiding tenets and associated activities, the Foundation will address, and ensure support for vulnerable groups of society, including the disabled, since President Trajkovski cared passionately about them.

The Foundation is local, regional and international in its scope and mission, reflecting both the dynamic personality of Boris Trajkovski and his breadth of vision and insight.

The Foundation’s core goals and objectives include;

  • Promoting peace, reconciliation and understanding.
  • Promoting top-quality education for Macedonia’s children and young people so that they will be better prepared and equipped to carry on the future for the country.
  • Assisting the whole population of Macedonia, but most especially the vulnerable groups, by promoting the principles of free market economy and working to bring a decent living and prosperity to all.
  • Promoting a more civil society and good governance through increased openness, transparency, honesty and the encouragement of the non-governmental sector.

Within each of these four core areas, the Foundation will respect the following principles:

  • Promote ethnic, religious and cultural respect and understanding among and between nations, peoples and groups.
  • Promote individual rights and responsibilities.
  • Promote regional and international cooperation through open communication and exchanges of ideas.
  • Promote the use of technology to better our lives in education, health, the economy, and government.

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